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Inverness Stag Packages

Find and book an exciting Inverness stag do with one of our bespoke all-inclusive packages. You get all the activities you need with accommodation on top. Why waste time searching 100 websites for what you need when you can find it all in one place.

No Frills - Inverness Stag Weekend Package

Great little budget weekend including central accommodation in Inverness, the ideal no frills stag package.



Paint The Town - Inverness Stag Weekend Package

Looking for fun in Inverness? We will sort out everything for you - all you need to decide is it each man for himself at paintball or do you gang up on the stag!!!!



Wet and Wild - Inverness Stag Weekend Package

White Water Rafting is one of the most popular activities for stag parties in Scotland. So why not make a weekend for it?



Inverness used to be a rather dour city, and rather quiet to. As the capital of the Highlands, it might have been beautiful but it was rather quiet. With the Scottish executive moving government departments into the city as fast as they can, it suddenly become a lot more exciting and with the annual Rock Ness festival the place can feel very buzzing in the summer.

If you've been struggling to organise a stag event in Inverness, then you'll know what the problems are. Aside from the general inadequacies of your friends who can't be bothered to answer your messages and give vague answers about possible date, you've also got to find things to do and somewhere to stay. If you want to, you can do all this yourself but if you want some expert help then why not work with GoBananas to create a great stag party.

We have created a few Inverness stag packages to get you started. You can book them as they are or you can book them and then modify them to suit your needs. Packages of their to sort of inspire you and get those juices flowing. With regards to accommodation, we are happy to either upgrade or downgrade you depending upon your budget and the predilections of your mates. Likewise, we can change activities around so that you get exactly what you want.

Inverness is not exactly the most buzzing city in the world at night, but it's got enough going on to keep you happy.

As you might imagine, GoBananas organises a lot of stag dos over the course of the year and that gives us a certain insight into what works and what does not work. Rather than trying to work this out yourself, why not talk to us and see what we would recommend and then we can get you going.

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