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Beer Maid Bar Crawl

Price Starts From 30.00
5 hours of drinking, games, laughter all compered by our bar crawl babes. Awesome night out for stags!

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Best Bar Crawl in Town
  • 5 hours of fun
  • INcludes Games & Dares
  • Kitty based so we waitress and you drink
  • Strip Club option!

Our 5 hour pub crawls for stag groups are led by party-mad costumed beermaid hostesses who look after you, the stag, the kitty (see below) and get the drinks in all night for you. No more standing at the bar, no more trouble! 

We also bring a range of drinking games, a challenge for every man in the group and various novelty prizes which we dish out. That means that the Best Man is free to enjoy the night without having to be the organiser in chief.

Your beermaid will take photos througout the night (if authorised by the bestman) and will send them to you after the event.

We can organise beermaid tours all over the UK with over 800 bubbly, fully trained and experienced girls available at short notice and we have secured fantastic discounts and freebies from the venues we work with.

The crawl can include a visit to a stripclub in the middle of the evening. (Dependent on local strip club!)

Strip Club Option

At the stripclub we arrange for a stag stage show where he is tied to the pole and subjected to a bit of public humiliation in front of the group.

And at the end of the night...

We drop you into a nightclub around 11pm

What is the Kitty

At the beginning of the night, your beermaid will arrange a collection for the kitty keeping all the receipts and hand them back to the best man at the end of the night along with any change.

All drinks, shots, and the stripclub stag-on-stage show are paid for by the girls out of the kitty they collect at the beginning of the evening and they get receipts for everything, which are given back to the Best Man at the end of the night along with any unspent kitty.

The More the Merrier!

In the case of our beermaids, less is definately not more! So if you want to up the ratio you can add more maids for the group.

The standard ratio we work with:

10 - 16 guys = 2 beermaids;

17 - 23 guys = 3 beermaids

24+ guys = 4 beermaids

That's built into the price!

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Minimum Number: 10
  • Maximum Number: 100
  • TimeStart:
  • Duration in Minutes: 300
  • Suitable for: Adult Party, Great for Large Groups, Hen and Stag Parties
  • Not Suitable for: Children
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