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Brighton Stag Weekend Packages

Say goodbye to arduous stag party organising with a GoBananas Brighton stag package. Get the ideal accommodation, things to do in the day and night time fun with one of our carefully designed Brighton packages.

Action Man - Brighton Stag Weekend Package

As the name suggests you and the guys will see some action during the weekend - plenty to keep you entertained.



Need for Speed - Brighton Stag Weekend Package

How fast can you go? This package will certainly sort that out for you.



No Frills - Brighton Cheap Stag Weekend Package

You have the task of arranging a stag weekend - you are somehow to magically arrange a weekend when no one has any money .... let us help you



Paint the Town - Brighton Stag Weekend Package

A boys weekend away.... This package will be sure to have you smiling.



Shoot the Pigeon - Brighton Stag Weekend Package

The thrill of the clay bursting in the sky awaits you and your group.



Survival of the Fittest - Brighton Stag Weekend Package

So you have been on stag weekends before...well learn a few new skills on this one that we can organise for you.



Brighton, or London on Sea is a superb location for a stag party. Shoot loads to do, fantastic atmosphere and easy to get to.

The downside of organising a stag do in Brighton is all in the word organising. We're not bothered because we do it all the time, but if you are panicking at the prospect of organising a weekend or you are simply very busy then why not get GoBananas to take some of the weight off your shoulders. We can organise every aspect of your stag weekend and we can both make things happen as well as advise you on what is possible and what is unfeasible.

Packages are designed to give you some idea of what is possible and available for you in Brighton. They give you an idea of the sort of budgets involved and the way that you can connect different things to do. We know that stag parties come in all shapes and sizes and while budget accommodation may suit one group, it may not suit another. We can easily modify packages by adding or removing activities or upgrading or downgrading your hotels. Not a problem for us, or at least it is less of a problem for us than it could be for you. So rather than then spend a couple of months on the phone and chasing people on emails, why not ask us to take it on. The good news is it won't cost you any more money and it will save you a great deal of time.

If you are still weighed down with anxieties, why not simply contact us for a friendly chat and we can give you some advice on how to proceed.

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