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Bristol Day Stag Activities

Bristol Stag Day Activities & Things to Do

Cool, creative and crammed with excellent events, a Bristol stag party is a fantastic destination idea if you want to enjoy a good weekend of celebration. There are plenty of stag activities in the daytime to keep your group out of mischief and occupied (for the time being!), so live a little and have fun with your mates.

Stag Do Off Road Buggies nr Bristol

It is not surprising that these rage buggies have roll cages when you see the speed and the track that you will race them on.



2 Activity Stag Adventure Day

Create your own custom action-packed day by choosing any two events and combining them. Everything from driving to shooting available



3 Activity Stag Deal

How competitive are you? Your chance to show off over 3 different activities...



4 Activity Stag Deal

A fantastic deal for you and your group - 4 different field events for you to compete against each other...



Abseiling and Canoeing

If it is a thrill that you and your mates are after, then this is perfect ... will you need a bravery pill or will it just come second nature to you - time to find out.



Assault Course

Be prepared - you will get muddy but thats ok because we wont shout at you - will all your mates survive the assault course - plenty to laugh about in the pub afterwards...



Beer Tasting

Give your taste buds a shake and try out some new beer - you might surprise yourself - something a bit different from your local - will you remember the name of your favourite.



Bristol Off Road Buggies for Stags

Our top rated activity - Rebel Buggies have enhanced features - will it turn you into a rally driver?? The tracks are designed to test your skills on all levels - will you be able to master it...



Bristol Stag Do Outdoor Activity

How competitive are you.... decide which activity you want your mates to try... Choose 1 from the list of 7 on offer to stack your odds!



Bubble Football

So you think you can play football - think again...put on the zorb ball and see if you can kick the ball...




Have you and your mates done eveything - bet you have not done this - caving is an amazing experience - you will talk about it for months...



Clay Pigeon Shooting - 30 Clays West of Bristol

Weston Lodge is one of the UK's Top shooting grounds. Here you will enjoy the expert tuition and the thrill of firing real guns at the Clay Targets



Clay Pigeon Shooting near Bristol

Get a hold of your mates and head off to do some Clay Pigeon Shooting - will you be able to keep count of how many you manage to hit out of the sky!!!! Will it be you that is boasting in the pub later?



Crazy Games

You and your mates will laugh your way through this amazing activity - you will whack, wobble, chuck and chase your way through 9 games with the help of the farmer and the minxy milk maids...



Go Karting

An exclusive Karting session for you and your mates. Who has the nerve to keep their foot flat to the floor and take the corners perfectly - this is your chance to have the race of a your life!!!



High Ropes

Try balancing along a beam 50 foot up in the air, or jumping to a trapeze from the top of a telegraph pole in your high rope event in  Bristol.



Paintball Day for Bristol Stag Dos

A chance to blast your team mates away... will it be everyone for themselves or will you gang up on the main man....



Paintball South Bristol - 100 Balls

This Paintball site is run by the leading paintball company. Imaginative game scenarios with modern equipment are destined to make this paintball event a blast!



Quad Biking Near Bristol

Here is a chance to drive these powerful Yamaha quads round this purpose built obstacle course. Easy to get to - only 15mins from Bristol Centre



Quad Biking near Bristol - Stags

Get a hold of your mates and head out onto the 450m off road track on a polaris 200cc quad bike - will you master the controls or be at the end of the line....



Raft Building

How do you think you will get on building a raft- will it float or will it sink. Enjoy the spectacle as your rivals slowly sink beneath the water with their version of the Titanic



Rage Buggies + Clay Shooting Activity

2hrs of 2 events. Speed upto 70mph, large off road course, unique and challenging experience. Combine number of birds and shooting stands.



Record your Own Group CD

2 hours in professional studio in central Bristol. Lots of fun as we create one perfect track for you to take away with you. You will discover that you are your friends do have X factor!



Stag Action Man Tournament in Bristol

An all action event combining laughter, banter and fun. The Tournamaent will keep any group of stags busy all day. Refreshments are included with discount on Beer Purchases!



Two Stag Activity Session near Bristol

A chance for you and your group to take part in 2 activities - who will make the decision which 2 to go for...



Urban Challenge

Are you up for this Stag team challenge. A mixture of treasure hunting, orienteering, cerebral thinking and running around like headless chickens



Zip Wire

Will you turn this into a screaming competition!!!! Will you be able to climb the ladder all the way to the top - the first time is a little scary - the second time is much better...



 With the finest stag weekend options scouted out in all the right places, there's no way it can go wrong!*

A day outdoors which is full of adventurous, challenging and laid back activity options, guys need to step up out of their comfort zones to face the many interesting sports and adrenaline-pumping games. For a proper stag party bash, we at Gobananas have years of experience in planning can arrange individual activities or packages.

*not strictly true, we just don't think it will!

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