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Mini Highland Games and Quads and Sumo Wrestling or Gladiator Duel -Edinburgh

Price Starts From 80.00
Multi Activity day in Edinburgh, some of our popular activities and some that are perfect for a laugh.

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*Multi Activity day with 2 of our most popular activities and then the choice between 2 more that are perfect for an absolute laugh between any group. 

How It Works

Mini Highland Games -You will be met by our team of kilted instructors who will split you into your Clans and take you through the games giving you coaching and encouragement along the way. The games should last around two hours with a brief prize giving ceremony at the end with a bottle of Whisky for the stags and Bubbly for the hens.

Quad Biking  - You will be met by your instructor who will take you through a full safety briefing and provide you with your helmet and overalls before setting off on the agility circuit. From there you will head off for the big bike trek through the 50 acres of wooded estate.

Sumo Wrestling -Your instructor will help you suit up and talk you through how to win the battle with pulling,pushing, tripping or throwing (basically any way you can while dressed in a padded sumo suit) The aim is to get them out of the coloured circle or onto their back first, your referee will be there to make sure all is fair. 

Gladiator Duel - An instructor will be with you to help explain and show you the ropes. You and your opponent will then jump on to your podium and begin the duel. With your padded pugil stick, you will try and be the one to stay up and knock your opponent off their pedestal to become the champion. 


What You Need To Know - Mini Highland Games 

Includes -

  • Tossing of the Caber
  • Tug o' War  
  • Tossing the Hammer
  • Farmer's Dash  
  • Hurling the Wellies
  • Tyre Flip  
  • Weight O'er Bar
  • The Haggis Malt Challenge
  • Puttin' the Stane
  • You should come dressed for the weather with sturdy footwear
  • All technical equipment, staff and public liability insurance is provided
  • Bottle of Whisky or Bubbly included for the winning Clan

What You Need To Know - Quad Biking

  • Instructors are all Lantra qualified
  • Quad Bikes are Yamaha Grizzly 125cc's
  • Safety gear (Helmet and overalls) are provided and must be worn at all times
  • You must be over 18 to partake in the full trek
  • Juniors under 18 can ride bikes under proper instruction with written parental consent.
  • The maximum weight for anyone wanting to ride a quad bike is 16.5 stone. 
  • Waterproof trousers are always a good idea to wear as you can get a bit muddy during your driving treat. 

What You Need To Know- Sumo Wrestling

  • Specially padded sumo suits
  • Head protectors provided
  • Referee to help.

What You Need To Know - Gladiator Duel 

  • 2 at a time
  • Pugil stick, Helmet, podium included
  • Instructor to help


*Will approx last 3 hours and 15 minutes

* Due to health and safety this site operates a strict no alcohol policy, if any member of your group appears to be under the influence they will be asked to leave

*£5m Public Liability Insurance

What We Like About It 

This activity is great for combining 2 of our most popular activities with 1 absolutely hilarious one. This package is great for a group who is looking for fun and hilarious day out, what could beat watching your mates in sumo suits try to wrestle, or watch as they try stay on a podium while duelling out. Plus Quad biking and Mini Highland Games are classics that always win a group over. 

  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Minimum Number: 8
  • Duration in Minutes: 195
  • Suitable for: Adult Party, Great for Small Groups, Hen and Stag Parties
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