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Lake District Stag Weekends and Ideas

The Lake District is not quite the wettest place in the world. It is infested with over zealous traffic wardens determined to kill off this area as a tourist destination

The Lake District is a great destination for a top stag party, but be aware it is incredibly busy over the holiday weeks. We have deals with many accommodation providers that are stag friendly.

Lake District Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
Lake District Stag Nights and Evenings
All-inclusive Lake District stag do packages
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  • Putting Together The Perfect Lake District Stag Weekend/Do
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  • We only suggest the coolest and most bad ass activities
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Why The Lake District Is A Good Choice For A Stag Weekend

You know a stag weekend here at the Lake District can go in one of two ways. One way is to get back to nature, take in the wildlife and have a bit of a chilled out time. The other way is to go balls to the wall and really make the most of the outdoors and do a bunch of crazy activities. Both ways are cool and this choice is part of what makes coming here for your stag weekend a good idea. The Lake District is just a really awesome place and I have no doubt you boys will have a great time.

When it comes to the whole touristy type of thing in the Lake District you are really looking at visiting some of the amazing lakes. Places like Windermere and Coniston Water are great places for a nice walk and to perhaps push a mate into the water, not that I condone that sort of thing of course!

The Best Day Time Activities In The Lake District

There are just a ton of cool things to get up to here at the Lake District and below I have for you some that are proven huge hits with stag groups.

Gorge Walking

This is the kind of adventure that you wished you went on when you were a kid! Gorge walking will see you go to a really remote (even remote for the Lake District) area where you will go on a trek that will see you need to swim in pools of water. Make incredible and scary jumps, climb walls, enter and explore caves and in general just have one hell of a time. This is just an incredible day out and one that really will make you feel like you have earned that first beer in the pub later.


Archery is the kind of outdoors type sport that pretty much anyone can have a go at. So even the guy whose only form of exercise is playing Fifa on his Xbox will be able to have a fair go. You will be taught the proper ways of the bow, just like the Green Arrow and then you guys will go hunting down super villains around the Lake District. Well that may not actually happen, but you will get to put your newly learned archery skills to the test by shooting the targets and proving you are the best marksman in your stag group.

Windermere Kayak Tour

What I love about this Windermere Kayak Tour is that it really lets you appreciate the awesomeness of the Lake District, but in a really chilled out way. You guys will go on a guided trek that is going to be something you remember for a very long time. So take in the scenery, crack a few jokes and just enjoy being on the lake. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the Lake District that is not quite “balls to the wall” then this is what you should do.


At over 400 acres this is one paintball place that does not mess around! You guys will be kitted out in safety gear, given some bad ass paintball guns loaded with ammo and then it’s time to rock and roll! Will you stand up, be a man and make sure you team will win? Or will you freak out, go nuts and just start shooting everything in sight? Hey either way is a sure fire way to have one hell of a great time!


The Lake District has many different areas where you boys can try and prove your manhood by doing a little abseiling. Seriously the views that you get here are just amazing and the instructors will make sure to point out all the cool sights…….. as you are hanging on for dear life trying to make your way down the rock face! This is really fun and if you want make it even more fun by dressing up for the occasion. Being serious I honestly think you could make an argument for The Lake District being the best place in the UK to go abseiling.

How To Have A Great Stag Night In The Lake District

While clearly you are not getting a nightlife like you would in a place like Edinburgh and Newcastle, you still have plenty of places to have a few drinks and some fun on your stag night here. Part of the fun of a stag night in The Lake District is going on a pub crawl to all the fun locals that are here.

The Loft Nightclub

Located in Keswick this is a pretty cool if not a little bit weird nightclub. The Loft is not the biggest club in the world, but they make up for this by having a good part atmosphere, cheap drinks and in general being a place where you can have a good night. So if you are not to wiped out after the fun you have had during the day, head over to The Loft and show your dance moves on the floor!

Alhambra Cinema

If you want to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster then Keswick is home to the somewhat old school Alhambra Cinema. They do not make cinemas like this anymore and if you are looking for a way to relax for an hour or two before you hit the pubs then this is a great way to do that.

Places For Some Good Food


For the finest seafood in all of the Lake District, you gents need to get your asses to Hooked. Here you can get a three course meal in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. This is the perfect restaurant to unwind in after a crazy day of outdoor activities.

The Filling Station Café

This awesome café is located in Keswick and is the perfect place to grab a bacon butty, sausage roll or something else tasty and quick for lunch in between activities. I love the atmosphere of these place and all the cool biker memorabilia they have on the walls makes it even cooler!

The Log House

This restaurant/B&B is a really cool place for a meal. The Log House is a great place for you guys to unwind in. I love the decor here as it’s an old Norwegian log cabin that has had a restaurant built inside! It’s cool and unlike anywhere else you have ever eaten. The menu is pretty diverse and has some great pub food such as the old favourite, fish and chips.

Getting To The Lake District

You can get here via public transport pretty easily either the train or a coach can see you get here. Some places though if you are coming here on the train may require a change at some point. Driving here is not much hassle. Located on the West, The Lake District is easily got to on the M6.

Top Packages & Activities

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Let the boys have fun with our specially designed Stag package which offers plenty of thrills and spills.



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