A Quick Guide To Feeling Fruity!

naughty bananaThere are plenty of lotions and potions you can buy to improve your love life but it surely must be better to go the organ-ic route If you really need to perk up your pecker or make your pussy juicy!

If vanity means you don’t fancy asking the doc for viagra or the temperature in the bedroom is bordering on Baltic the best remedy is readily available in every supermarket.

You can easily uncover some fantastic aphrodisiac options  in the fruit and veg aisle, plus your fellow shoppers will assume you’re some kind of health nut with your trolly-load of fruit, not a sexual adventurer!

  • FIGS: Would you Adam and Eve it, figs are one of the most potent aphrodisiacs. Of course it’s packed full of nutrients but it also tastes and smells good and as as a bonus seems to mimic the appearance of the female sex organ. Fannytastic!
  • GINGER ROOT: Of course it spices things up! Blame it on the gingerols as well as the zingiberene – they’re the things that make it taste great as well as spicing up your love life. You could swerve having curry breath before bed by using ginger scented candles or oils instead.
  • LYCHEE: Soft, sweet and slightly resembling male sexual organs, lychees are full of vitamin C as well as copper and potassium – great for increasing sexual desire.
  • VANILLA: This versatile ingredient is also great in the bedroom. Vanilla extract can help men with problems and although a vanilla extract nightcap may be pretty rank the end result will sweet smelling breath and a libido boost! Women might find that vanilla’s odour might even trigger romantic responses from the man in their life.
  • AVOCADO: Doesn’t look like or taste like it it but this really is a fruit. Full of health benefits it’s nuitrient rich flesh can also help things along in the bedroom too!
  • GOJI BERRY: Supposedly full of stuff that can increase male fertility and strengthen sperm cells as well as increase male sex hormones too! They can also help with weight loss too! Pretty much a hard act to follow.
  • BANANA: Of course it looks more than a bit like a willie but the B complex inside bananas can also increase the sexual desire of the person eating it, or if your girlfriend’s eating one both of you! Great for the long term health of your sexual organs – GoBananas!