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Brighton Welcomes The Club Class Party Bus

Party nights in Brighton will never be the same with the arrival of the ClubClass party bus.

This professionally converted double decker bus is the ultimate way to cruise round Brighton visiting  the best bars and nightclubs.Brighton ClubClass Party, Bus Hen party Ideas

Internally the bus has been fitted out with new sofa style seating , disco style lighting and a state of the art sound system.

Check out the photo on the right to see the coolest  party destination on the South Coast.

With a seating capacity of 51, the  ClubClass  Bar and Club tour can accommodate all your friends in comfort and style. Typically the tour starts at 7pm with a pick up from a city centre location.

Anyone who has tried to organise a night out for a large group will appreciate the fact that the ClubClass bus with its on board crew will keep all your group  together without stragglers becoming lost in transit or going awol. Q Jump and FREE entry into each venue makes such a difference with none of that annoying hanging about outside in the pouring rain- Straight in and straight to the bar- every time! The reviews are awesome with everyone raving about the bus.

Still not sure?- then check out the pictures of the ClubClass Tour on the 30th of  May 2013 to see what a great time everyone is having.

Take advantage of the low low price of only £24.99 per person while spaces are still available on the Brighton Bus every weekend.


Recreate your own The Hangover style Stag Party

Hangover Poster 3 MovWith the greatly anticipated blockbuster movie The Hangover III just being released in the UK, us guys at GoBananas started thinking about whether it could be possible to recreate the original “The Hangover” style stag do for your Groom (are you really sure you would want to?!).

Set in the popular Stag or “Bachelor” party town of Las Vegas the original “The Hangover” movie see’s the introduction of three buddies and one outsider forming the “Wolf Pack”, and having the wildest unimaginable evening, most of which they hadn’t planned for and don’t remember (sounds like a typical stag to do us!).

With that in mind, we have put together a stag party plan to match the boys adventures in Vegas -somewhat dampened down to avoid you guys getting arrested, being kidnapped, getting ditched by your other halves or losing any parts of your body (don’t worry there’s still some fun to be had!)

Take Roofies on the top of a Las Vegas hotel roof:
If you want to remember your stag do and have your groom actually marry his bride this might be one to avoid. There are lots of alternatives that will probably leave you just as fuzzy eyed as the lads, most involving pub crawls, lots of beer and some unidentifiable spirits for good measure.

Casino Stag Friendly

Don’t forget to make a toast before you’re first drink and unite your stags a suitable gang name, preferably containing some sort of reference to the nature and the wild – because you are after all wild animals for this one night!

Beer Tasting, Whisky Tasting

Gamble in a Casino and win $80,000 dollars to pay back some angry Asian gangsters:

There are lots of casinos around the UK where your stags can don their best suits and pretend they are stars of their own Hollywood movie. Unless you’re as good at counting cards than the surprisingly expert Alan in the movie, we can’t promise $80,000 dollars worth of prize money but there is no doubt you will walk away feeling incredibly cool.

Casinos, Poker


Rescue your kidnapped buddy with the ransom money you won at the Casino:

Because your head stag is a true friend, you’ll want him to have at least a few hours where he actually fears for his life, so why not get him kidnapped by some specially trained ex-military recruits. Just be sure to learn from the lessons of the guys in the film, and check the kidnapped guy is infact your lost stag before making deals with any rough and angry looking gang members.

Hostage Stag Activity

Hostage Rescue

Have one of your stag’s pull out his own tooth to prove he is a proper dentist.

If you insist on pulling out your teeth, we would be more than happy to provide the string for you to do so!  Otherwise you could get your stags together to have a go at some Boxing lessons, don’t wear your mouth guard and with a good right hook you could find yourself with a smile like Stu’s!

Go to a strip club, marry a nice looking stripper and then borrow her baby

Borrowing children is generally frowned upon in the real world, but the rest is definitely doable.

There are plenty of lovely ladies across the UK waiting to entertain stag parties, although getting one of these ladies to marry you might not be the easiest of tasks, even with the gift of an expensive inheritance ring.

If you are desperate for an exchange of vows on your stag night, it might be wiser to swear with your other stags never to share any of the stories or photos from your evening with another human (unless of course you’re telling us at GoBanana’s – we love a good stag story!)


Stripper HangoverSteal a tiger from Mike Tyson

The only thing to match stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson, would be stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson. Good luck.

Wreck a Mercedes that belongs to your new in laws Mercedes

If your stag’s inlaws don’t own a Mercedes, don’t worry! Any car will do. It’s likely your head stag will protest to this idea, so there are lots of alternatives.

Get your stags out on a day of rage buggies so they can drive around like crazy men in car chases. Or get them to try a bit of blindfolded driving, just try and avoid any public roads.

Blindfolded Driving, Rage Buggies

If you guys have any “The Hangover” style stories, or advice for those planning their stags please share them with us below, we would love to hear them!

Pranks to play on a Hen.

Calling all Hens! Calling all Hens! This is the ultimate guide in alternative Hen Party Pranks.  Freedom would, no doubt, be near the top of everyone’s Human Rights list;  unfortunately for your nearest or dearest, they have decided to give up that right and get married.  Despite the years of punishment facing them in unholy matrimony, we believe the only prudent thing to do is punish them further for their decision to chain themselves to another for the rest of their lives. We do, however, recommend that you ensure they can still make the day of Judgement; it is, after all, their choice regardless of how ill-advised you believe it to be.GoBananas Hens

Everyone needs a bit of humiliation to keep them on their toes and why should Hens be any different.  So to start, why not put a spin on the classic stag party trick of tying up the groom and shaving him balder than the front singer of Right Said Fred.  Instead of shaving your Hen though, dress her up as a bloke, super-glue a moustache and sideburns to her face and tie her to the nearest railing;  you’ll just have to hope she can get it off before walking up the aisle.  This next one is perfect if you are equally close with the stag.  Secretly get in touch with him and get him to answer a series of personal questions, for example, favourite sexual position. At some point during the night, set the same questions as a quiz for your fellow party-goers and watch the Hen’s face go as red as an alcoholic’s nose.  And finally, our number one alternative  hen party prank.  If you really want to traumatize your half of the amalgamation then why not stage a kidnap! Yes, we can hear you saying now that this is surely too extreme but the look on her face when she clambers from the back of a white transit van to see you doubled in hysterics will be worth the trouble.

So there it is, our top three ways to make sure that even if their union is short and sour, she will think twice before taking that dive again for fear of what you might subject her to.

Pranks to play on your Stag?

Let’s face it he probably deserves it. If he hasn’t played a prank on you because you’re too sensible to get hitched he certainly will when you do get caught, that’s guaranteed. You know you have to me more inventive than just dress him in drag and chain to a lamppost so here are a few suggestions on what sort of fate you can sort out for him.fridaynightbars6

There’s a fair chance your Stag is going to end up being plastered before the night’s out so why not make sure. Being encased in a plaster cast , in particular his drinking arm, will make sure you can control what sort of lethal cocktail of alcohol he has. And later one he’ll have a painful reminder of just how good a night he’s had when that plaster of paris cast is ripped off taking all that body hair with it……….!

Dressing up shouldn’t be ruled out though. Tried and tested is the good old frogman suit, complete with mask and flippers, perfect gear for a hot and sweaty night in club or pub. And there’s always the option of finding one in a nice pink shade of neoprene.

If the stag do is safely far from home then the hotel is a perfect setting from some serious pranking. Keep emptying the minibar in his room to get the ball rolling, making him keep costs in the front of his mind. Then ramp up the cash crisis by ordering a load of room service, taxis, flowers and so on. Pay for it up front but tell him its all charged to his account and watch him get ready to argue it out with the hotel reception.

At some stage he’s going to be pissed enough to pass out and that’s when you can do some body mods. Cheap fake tan hopefully will leave him more orange than tanned and could be applied to, say, half his face, one hand and so on. Add to that nail varnish, hair dye and you get the picture. In fact taking pictures and posting them on the net is an obligatory duty for all stag supporters to do.



Why we keep our staff!

So I was looking at why GoBananas retains their staff, I felt well it’s the great working conditions we have, how we encourage our team to have goals both personal and business and hit them.  Was it the challenges we do together like Rob Roy so that we can stay sort of fit.

Then I thought well it’s because how great the bosses are and how they like for the office to have a great atmosphere.  Then I thought it’s really cos of the great pay and income potential.

Then I realised as I looked at this photos it’s got nothing to do with any of this, the picture paints a 1000 words…



Tips on Organising a successful Stag or Hen Night.

Wedding plans are notoriously stressful, but so can organising the next most important event- the Stag or Hen Night.

Long gone are the days of the one night drunken celebration in the local boozer.Hen Night

Stags and Hens are increasingly looking at a weekend away with a group of friends, hell bent on celebrating the impending marriage or last few days of freedom depending on your viewpoint.

Make no mistake though, unless you get the organisation spot on, everyone will hate you with a passion that will not be forgotten for years. Get it correct and everyone will assume that it must have been easy to sort it all out- so don’t expect a lot of gratitude.

Normally the bride and groom are too wrapped up in their wedding planning details to spend time dealing with this event which is why you have been asked to make it all happen.

Start Early

The most important advice is to start early. Get key decisions in place and then stick to them. Not everyone will agree, not everyone can make it, not everyone will be happy- but that is life! Just focus on compromise and FUN. Stick with reasonable decisions made after consulting with the group. Always keep the Bride or Groom up to speed with any changes or developments as after all, the event is for them!

Take Advice

Instead of struggling with all the organisational issues for the first time, it makes sense to consult our team of experts who organise great Stag and Hen Nights week in and week out. A quick call on 0131 603 4860 to Gobananas will mobilise our expert team of party planners. Simples!


The new Bananas car

Banana car

Who needs to travel green when you can travel yellow!  We have ordered 5 for the staff to get get around in.  Next year they are bring out the family bunch version.  They have great road handling although they have a reputation for skidding.

They do turn a brown colour after a few days and the smell can become a bit over whelming, especially for the people behind.

Great fun to drive, just don’t visit any Safari Parks as you may have a few issues…

School Prom

School Prom on Party Bus

I don’t remember our school prom being like this one, do you?  Bet you wished you went to that school 🙂

The Club Class Bus arranges lots of transfers for Proms, don’t leave it too late to book yours.  The buses hold on average 50 to 64 people so work out much cheaper per person for large groups compared to other options like stretched hummers and limos.

The buses can also be used for other events including Murder Mystery and birthdays.

Each bus is unique so get in touch to find out availability and to see what the bus looks like closest to you.

Club Class operate in the the following cities:

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Brighton (New for 2013)

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Oh Shit Team Building Activities

GoBananas has loads of great team building activities, if you need activities for an event or conference then we can arrange lots of different options.  The activities can be indoor or outdoor, based around a theme or just for fun.

See our team building section for more ideas and suggestions.

We can arrange activities based on goals and gender.  The follow activities have been the popular ones so far for 2013:

  • Mini Highland Games
  • It’s a Knock out
  • White Water Rafting
  • Go Karting
  • Paintballing